Week 41October 2017

This edition: The funk just got un-invited. Family weekend on the South Coast of NSW and some sweet vibes for summer.

Big Funk.

So. I’ve been dealing with a funk. Basically, I can’t make myself do anything creative. I feel trapped and blocked. It is overwhelming and all-encompassing.

I stopped everything, Instagram was first, then this blog, next my photography – everything. Not only did I not want to do anything but I also didn’t want to get myself out of it. It took time and a lot of frustration… But now, I’m fed up with being in the funk. So I’m trying to shock myself out of it by pure willpower and forcing myself to be creative.

I hope it works. Don’t ever bring back the funk. Be gone funk.

The weekthat was..

Im completely madly deeply in love with Hermes Spring / Summer 2018 collection.
Louis Theroux has a new show out! Cant wait to watch ..
Teeny tiny things are being photographed… and winning awards.
This animation is strangely satisfying… #peaceout
#MeToo – my heart breaks for women everywhere. As a society, we can do better.

Listening to...

Summer. V I B E S.
Its a sweet song and I think ive been in this funk for 83 days. Pertinent.

This month's photos

Weekend escape to Sussex Inlet, a small town on NSW South Coast. Fishing and family time.

Check it out!

I’ve decided to add a section onto my site called Summer Crush(ing).. much like a Summer crush, it features all the items that I’m currently having a moment with.

I’ve added a section for Fashion, one for Books and also one small one for Homewares. I’ll keep it updated as things get sold out or when I buy them! haha. Or when I stop having a fling with them… (end of Summer goodbyes!) Plus I’ll be sure to add new things as I scroll past them on the net.

Hope you enjoy seeing whats on my radar each week and feel free to share any items you’re loving as well.

Take a Peek!

Embrace the glorious mess that you are.

- Elizabeth Gilbert