Week 45November 2017

This edition: An overseas holiday for the whole family, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens and its a battle of the velvet bombers.

I don’t know about you – but I forget just how important it is to have holidays. And by holidays I mean – take a proper holiday, escape to somewhere foreign and enjoy time off from normality.

It’s been ages – I’m talking a good 5 years – from when we last had a proper holiday. Kids have changed that for us, plus our work situation was a bit dicey there for a while so it didn’t feel right to have a holiday when we may have been strapped for cash if jobs fell through.

But last week – we took a holiday! We got on a flight to Bali and took 7 glorious days of basking by a pool, eating and drinking and playing with our kids. We finally relaxed and actually enjoyed the feeling of being all together.

So yeah – my recommendation this week. Book that holiday. Take the break. It’s worth it.

Listening to...

Cat Stevens // The First Cut is the Deepest

I love 70's "folk" music... James Taylor, Carole King, Cat Stevens - their songs are pure and true and remind me of simpler times. So to get me through the working week after holidays, Cat Stevens was my jam.

I love the energy of this song, especially when it kicks into gear at about 0:34. Enjoy this little retro step back in time.

The weekthat was..

This month's photos

Bali Holidays

Island life...

As mentioned above, we went on holidays last week. To a place that I never thought I’d ever go… Bali. If you’re an Australian – you’ll understand why I never wanted to go there. Bali is one of those places that attracts a certain type of Australian and to be honest, it just never appealed to me as a holiday destination.

Until that is,  I needed a quick getaway with the family…

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She's not sun-kissed -she kisses the sun

Budget vs Luxury...

It’s the battle of the Velvet Bomber Jackets.
This time the Luxury definitely wins. LOVE.
What do you think?

Jersey-trimmed crushed-velvet bomber jacket

Lelia Velvet Colour Block Bomber Jacket

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