Week 26July 2017

This edition: Robert Frost, classic 80’s rock, a visit to Abu Simbel and why we should sometimes do things we dont want to.

Friday night curse…
This week was a pretty crazy busy week with work and when Friday rolled around I was absolutely exhausted. I’d made plans during the week to go out to dinner with some girlfriends and by the time Friday came around I was so not keen on heading out. Plus it was -20 degrees* and the fancy place we were going would not be too keen on me wearing my ugg boots out. Ugh.

It would have been so easy to cancel on my friends and just stay in and watch a movie curled up on the lounge in my PJ’s. But I didnt. I put on a nice outfit, did my hair (for once!) and even put makeup on. And you know what….  the absolute best part of my week was sipping on a crisp Pinot Gris and connecting with my friends over dinner. While I didn’t think I needed it, I really really did. It centered me and gave me focus and a renewed energy for the weekend.

My point being… Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies – the very thing that we don’t want to do is the one thing that has the power to heal us.

*Ever so slight exaggeration there.

The weekthat was..

Born between 1977-1983? turns out we’re our own little Micro-generation. I always knew I was special! And we’ve even got a sci-fi sounding name.
The world has chosen its favourite colour.
Today i’m making an Apple Tea Cake, Potato & Leek Soup and a Zucchini slice.
Definitely NSFW!… but who doesnt love a dramatic reading of a ridiculous, over-the-top romance novel. ( … “he entered her like a lottery”. Seriously.. literary gold! haha)
Have you ever wondered what a French Textile book from 1863 would contain? Well wonder no more..
I just absolutely adore these

Listening to...

Guns n' Roses // Sweet Child of Mine
Taking it back to the glory days of 80’s rock for this muscial number.
– Also happens to be my favourite song for karaoke (Purely so I can channel Axel Rose and his glorious rock moves) –

This month's photos

That time we went to Abu Simbel in Egypt and there was nobody else there.

Style File Muse

Katherine Hepburn

Loafers, pants, blazers….
I just can’t get enough of this edgy masculine style for this winter.


The Road Not Taken // Robert Frost

This is one of those poems that I’m sure you would know… If you didnt study it at school then movies such as Dead Poets Society have made it fairly mainstream as well. Most people will know the famous line “I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”.

Pop over to this little side post of mine – where you can read the full poem (Its a pretty short one) plus there’s an interesting bit of trivia about WHY Frost wrote the poem that you might find interesting. I bet you didnt know it.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

- Robert Frost

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