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Week 15, 2017

Kids & Easter don't mix

Been a challenging time with my 4yo this week. Pushing boundaries and attitude on steriods. Ahhh kids, kids, kids….. It’s enough to drive you to drink. In amongst the crazy though, we had a lovely Easter Hat Parade at school, a good catchup with friends at my house on a lazy Wednesday afternoon and plenty of family time over the long weekend to re-group, re-centre and eat chocolate, of course.

The week that was:

Turns out I’m not as special as I thought I was #sotypical
National Gallery of Art posted this stunning pic
Started watching Season 4 of Vikings
Young people are confusing marketers
The only free stock photo site you need to be using
Starting research for a bathroom renovation. Pinterest is going to get a workout…
Trump scares me. (no link… just a general observation)

Favourite photography shots this week


Ok – right so I get it… If you lived through the 90’s, you may be a little skeptical about this fashion choice… but i’ve just completely fallen in love with velvet shoes for Autumn/Winter vibes. Eeeek. I love them. I want them all.

What do you think? Chic or not?


Paul Simon // Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

This song never gets old. Perfect for weekend lounging… or chasing kids madly around the backyard trying to get the good eggs before they do.

Model's Rest

by Jose Ferraz de Almeida Junior (1882)

The detail in this painting is gorgeous. Ive only recently discovered Almeida Junior’s work and this is another stunning painting from him. I love the casualness of the painting – plus the angle of our view gives it a real voyeuristic feel.. like you are hiding behind a chest of drawers or peeking through a window to spy on the room. The sympathetic look between the artist and his muse denotes an intimate relationship but whether its just a comfortable casualness or something more is left up to us.

If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.



Kate Moss wishes you a Happy Easter

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