Feud, Bette & Joan

Feuds are never about hate... Feuds are always about pain.

Fued, a TV series
(Aired on FX in 2017)
Centres on the famous feud between Joan Crawford & Bette Davis
Created by Ryan Murphy, Jaffe Cohen, and Michael Zam
Starring Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis

Im so excited to watch this show this weekend. The rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis crosses my love of classic hollywood with a good old fashioned bitch-fight! 1960’s Real Housewives drama.

Bette Davis & Joan Crawford had a very public rivalry and ended up filming the iconic “What ever happened to Baby Jane” right at the heart of it. They were two ageing stars – brilliant in their own way, and they knew they needed each other to make this film the success it was but it didnt stop them being outrageous and cutting to each other. I cannot wait to see how they adapt this story and excited for the costumes & cinematography alone! Not to mention the fact that Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon play the title roles. Two fierce women, playing two fierce women.

Feud is created by American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy which has me even more excited for it! The series will document famous feuds in history over each season. Season 2 has just been commissioned and it will focus on Princess Diana & Prince Charles. Looking forward to that too! I wonder who will portray them? Does anyone know?

Well, you know what i’ll be doing this weekend.. hope you all have a good one too!



*Update: So I watched the first episode last night! Omg, LOVED it. I cant get over how much Susan Sarandon actually does look like Bette Davis. I cant wait to watch the rest.. maybe I should have waited till it all came out and then binged on it… The week by week will kill me.

“The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford is when I pushed her down the stairs on Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”

― Bette Davis

Blue jean baby - Visit www.summerswildling.com

Blue jean baby

Blue jean baby - Visit www.summerswildling.com


Playing with angles today and working out shooting with my new camera. // #canon


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Elizabeth Taylor // Style Inspiration

She's the ultimate sassy lady! Seriously love her. Cant imagine bringing the fierce channeling of Lizzie without a classic red lipstick in your back pocket.

Shop my take on Elizabeths sassy style look:



Natalie Wood x Prada

It's a match made in fashion heaven.

Shop my take on Natalie's classic style look:


Bill Cunningham (1929-2016)

He who seeks beauty will find it.

Bill Cunningham
American Icon // Photography
Best known for his street photography featured in the New York Times

I wanted to pay homage to an inspirational man who passed away this week… Bill Cunningham. Bill was a New York fashion photographer who was known for his candid street photography. He had a knack for uncovering the pulse of upcoming and trending fashions as worn by regular New Yorkers.

Credit Mark Lennihan / Associated Press

Bill’s fashion spreads in The New York Times were messy but glorious. He had a way of putting images together that just made sense. In this modern world overrun with minimalist aesthetic, Bill bucked convention and threw rough cutout images into every available space possible. He was an artist and he stuck true to his artistic vision.

And to top it off he was a real sweetheart. He had a Fred Astaire-ish old-school quality – he belonged to another era, when gentleman and ladies ruled the world (for better or worse). Bill – in his blue jacket, camera slung around his neck astride his trusted bicycle – was a true New York icon. RIP Bill. I hope you continue to see beauty in whatever world you’re in now.

Header image: Patrick Demarchelier for Harper’s Bazaar

“It’s as true today as it ever was: he who seeks beauty will find it.”

― Bill Cunningham, 2009

Georges Hugnet

A bit of Dada-ism to brighten your day...

Georges Hugnet
French //  Dada, Surrealism
Graphic Artist, Poet, Art Historian, Writer

Georges Hugnet (pronounced OON-yay) was a French born graphic artist. If he’s happened to slip under your art radar then you’re not alone.. I only just discovered his work by perusing some art blogs and instantly fell in love with his Collage / Dada style of art. He’s referenced as being a poet, critic, publisher, book binder, and rare-book dealer among other things. Hugnet made a little headway in the interwar Parisian art scene by collaborating with greats such as Picasso and Gertrude Stein. While not a big player – he certainly made a mark and its been great to re-visit some of his pieces here in this mini-gallery. I hope you like discovering his works as much as I did!

“Art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos.”

― Saul Bellow

Rose Quartz

So you might be aware that this year Pantone decided not to have a colour of the year instead they decided that a blending of two colours would add a softer take on a "colour of the year". The chosen swatches are Rose Quartz (a rose hue) and Serenity (a cooler tranquil blue). They have claimed that these colours "psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security" and "reflect connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace".  For me personally, I didn't quite get it. In past years the Pantone colour has definitely had an impact or a stronger grab of my aesthetic. When I first reviewed these colours I was underwhelmed. Maybe because I couldn't place them in my everyday life - I'm not a light, pastel colour girl... tending more towards the darker, stronger tones. Give me black, navy, grey and white anyday.

So physical challenge set! Find an outfit that I would wear using these colours. First up we have Rose Quartz... probably the one that I struggled with the hardest as rose-pink really isn't on my radar for a colour to wear at all! Ive teamed each outfit with a muse for inspiration... Links below to each piece. What do you think? Would you wear this colour palette?

Look 1



Look 2



Cy Twombly

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Edwin Parker “Cy” Twombly Jr.
American // Painter, Sculptor and Photographer
Abstract Expressionism

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Ive been examining Cy Twombly’s work for a project I’m doing at my work. I hadn’t heard of him before and after spending a bit of time getting to know his work – I must say I’m a fan. I think Elusive Muse put it best when describing his style

“Although at first glance the graffiti-like scribbles and scratches of Cy Twombly‘s work might resemble art made by a naughty child of Jackson Pollock, it is nothing of the kind: it is the work of an erudite, sophisticated, and emotional painter.”

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All art images taken from Cy Twombly. Interior image from www.o32c.com

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“Graffiti is linear and it’s done with a pencil, and it’s like writing on walls. But in my paintings it’s more lyrical.”

― Cy Twombly