Week 25June 2017

This edition: Little things, Winter swimming, warm jackets and a horrid novel.

It’s the little things…
Sometimes I feel like I get too wrapped up in the drama of life, when really it’s the little things that matter…

// Sleeping in the sun, my daughters laugh, a kiss goodnight, praise of a job well done, a big heartfelt hug, family dinners, a well-made gin & tonic, the smell of salt water, connecting with a friend. //

Take life back to basics – appreciate the small things, be kind and follow your instincts.

If for some reason you aren’t happy with something in your life and it’s too daunting to go changing cold turkey – start by changing the little things, and then work your way up to the big.

Always the little things, they are the key.

The weekthat was..

Get your chillax on. Score 80% off a lifetime subscription to Aura’s meditation app.
Amazing examples of how things can be worn down over time.
That time Ninja from DieAntwood played basketball with Kanye & Drake. (this video fascinated me!! It’s seriously weird and wonderful at the same time.
Imagine climbing the equivalent of the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa  in Dubai – with no ropes and no nets. Alex Honnold did just that and National Geographic just did an exclusive interview with him.
Turns out, Bee’s are actually pretty cute.
Dont feel sorry for refugees – believe in them.

Listening to...

Just Some Motion – Parov Stelar // All Night
I love this video.
The dance moves, the black & white video, the music and of course – the light!!
I wish I looked this good when I dance around my loungeroom.. 😉

This month's photos

A Winters swim.

Winter jackets.

Time to get snug...

Righto, so it seems Winter is here to stay. Im freezing. I need a Winter coat.
Here’s my roundup of the best warm outer jacket coats to get me through to summer.
ALL of them are under $300.
Time to get warm.
ps. I still hate winter.


Tender is the Night // F. Scott Fitzgerald

It’s not often I don’t finish a book. Generally, even if it’s crap I’ll still press on…. there has been a couple of notable exceptions to this rule – Fifty Shades of Grey being one of them… and now I can add Tender is the Night by the illustrious F.Scott Fitzgerald to this list as well.

Have you read it? Oh man.. I just could not get into the rhythm of it. It had little bursts of brilliance but then it slid right back into chaotic rambling with no rhyme or reason. The heroine is not well developed and the Drivers are 1-dimensional characters. I guess I shouldn’t have expected too much when the main hero’s name is Dick Diver. Seriously. Dick Diver. *face palm*

I looked on GoodReads after I gave up to see if it was just me – and it seems like there is quite a few people that share my lack of enthusiasm for this novel.

I’m disappointed – I really like the name of the novel. “Tender is the Night” is such a great title. It’s just the inside that’s rotten. I sincerely hope they re-make the movie on it so I can find out the ending.

All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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