Week 23 & 24
June 2017

This edition: Saying goodbye to our beautiful dog, Otto.

Goodbye Otto <3
It’s taken me a while to actually post this one up. It was hard to put together. This week we said goodbye to our beautiful family dog, Otto.

We got him as a wedding present from some of our friends and he was with us pre-kids and then during the baby stage for both our kids. He was such a wonderful family dog and he’s left a huge bear-shaped hole in our lives.

Otto was a Bernese Mountain Dog and unfortunately, their lifespan is only short due to their large size. We knew this when we got him – but it really did go so quickly. He would have been 8 in October.

About 3 months ago we found out that he had a tumor in his chest but he was fit and healthy so we thought we’d have a bit more time with him. Unfortunately, it seems to have been a fast moving cancer and more tumors developed pretty quickly. We made the decision to put him down on Wednesday as he’d stopped eating and while still maintaining a tough exterior, he was in a lot of pain.

His presence was so large in our house that now our house feels empty. We’re all in a state of grieving..  I know it does get easier. But still, he’ll be missed for a long time yet.

So this weekly wrap-up is all about our mate and how he touched our lives.

We loved you Otto and you were such a big part of our family. RIP buddy. You’ll never be forgotten.

// Otto: 2009 – 2017  //


- A life filled with love

Golden Years...

This song was released on Like A Version this week. Made us cry.
(What a voice this kid has huh!?)

Otto - Part 2, The Later Years

We’ll miss you Otto. Thank you for the love.

Life goes on - but I'll still remember the way we were.