Hi, Im Johanna. A digital designer & artist located on the South Coast of NSW in Australia. This is the home base for my internet wanderings - its a visual diary of all things art // design // photography // fashion // summer.



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So fresh and so clean

I absolutely adore this look. With two small kids I haven’t been able to wear white in a long time and finally, it’s coming back into rotation in my wardrobe. This white dress is offset perfectly with the dark tones of the Camilla purse.

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Rainbow Dash

My daughters have been watching My Little Pony on high repeat. Maybe it’s the high-pitched voices but this look is all about sweet tones.

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Hello Sailor

Fleet week has landed with this cool and casual look.

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On the Cusp

It’s not quite summer, but its definitely not winter. Its the time of year where you need two different styles to match in the one outfit. Covered top, legs out and proud and feet in shoes.

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Pretty sporty

If pretty and sporty spice were to get married, this outfit would be their love child. #matchmadeinheaven

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Casual hangs

Seriously this outfit looks so comfy! I think I’d wear this every day if I could.

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Super Stylin’

I’m continuing my love affair with all things velvet.. Seriously, I need to stop! haha

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Elizabeth Taylor // Style Inspiration

She’s the ultimate sassy lady! Seriously love her. Cant imagine bringing the fierce channeling of Lizzie without a classic red lipstick in your back pocket.

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Natalie Wood x Prada

It’s a match made in fashion heaven.

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Rose Quartz

So you might be aware that this year Pantone decided not to have a colour of the year instead they decided that a blending of two colours would add a softer take on a “colour of the year”. The chosen swatches are Rose Quartz (a rose hue) and Serenity (a cooler tranquil blue). They have claimed that these colours “psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security” and “reflect connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace”.  For me personally, I didn’t quite get it. In past years the Pantone colour has definitely had an impact or a stronger grab of my aesthetic. When I first reviewed these colours I was underwhelmed. Maybe because I couldn’t place them in my everyday life – I’m not a light, pastel colour girl… tending more towards the darker, stronger tones. Give me black, navy, grey and white anyday.

So physical challenge set! Find an outfit that I would wear using these colours. First up we have Rose Quartz… probably the one that I struggled with the hardest as rose-pink really isn’t on my radar for a colour to wear at all! Ive teamed each outfit with a muse for inspiration… Links below to each piece. What do you think? Would you wear this colour palette?

Look 1



Look 2