Hi, Im Johanna. A digital designer & artist located on the South Coast of NSW in Australia. This is the home base for my internet wanderings - its a visual diary of all things art // design // photography // fashion // summer.



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Rose Quartz

So you might be aware that this year Pantone decided not to have a colour of the year instead they decided that a blending of two colours would add a softer take on a "colour of the year". The chosen swatches are Rose Quartz (a rose hue) and Serenity (a cooler tranquil blue). They have claimed that these colours "psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security" and "reflect connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace".  For me personally, I didn't quite get it. In past years the Pantone colour has definitely had an impact or a stronger grab of my aesthetic. When I first reviewed these colours I was underwhelmed. Maybe because I couldn't place them in my everyday life - I'm not a light, pastel colour girl...


Madame Bovary

This is on my watch list for this weekend. If you've never read Flaubert's novel - put it immediately on your "To Read" list. Flaubert has a perfectionists prose and his writing is hauntingly beautiful. Madame Bovary is the ultimate anti-hero, a romantic who craves beauty, wealth and lust in her banal life and risks it all to feel alive even if just for a little while.  Its a desperation that is relevant even in today's world - actually probably even more so in today's world - where our lives are so entwined with riches and wanting material things that people will do just about anything to show that they have "made it". It's been years since I read the book - but I'm looking forward to revisiting the story via what looks like an amazing adaptation to film. [tg_youtube width="1300" height="" video_id="La-clCmfWGo"]...


Pool Party Luxe

Zimmermann are always a favourite of mine for beautiful prints in swimwear. There's a certain luxe in a pretty print against a ocean backdrop. After perusing the Zimmermann website for the latest styles - I stumbled across this beautiful one-piece swimsuit. It immediately conjured up images of luxurious pool side lounging - with a cocktail in hand (and preferably no kids around!). So this outfit is an ode to a grown up pool party where fashion meets sun-lounging. Shop the look: Zimmermann: Anais Floral 1 Piece, Maurie & Eve: Josee Skirt, Samantha Wills: Primrose Gold Blush Glitter Sunglasses    ...