Hi, Im Johanna. A digital designer & artist located on the South Coast of NSW in Australia. This is the home base for my internet wanderings - its a visual diary of all things art // design // photography // fashion // summer.



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  • The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

    A difficult decision that makes all the difference

  • Degas

    If you see Ballerina's - It's Degas!

  • White Shirt Fever

    Its one of my absolute favourite wardrobe staples – a clean crisp white shirt. You can dress it up or down. Pair it with jeans, a skirt, casual shorts or wear it with your best tailored pants for work. I own way too many white shirts than I care to disclose on the internet right now – fo

  • Hello!

    Thanks for visiting my website. Its a visual diary of the beautiful & inspiring things I collect on the internet & in life. This website is primarily about my great loves: photography, art, fashion, culture, classic hollywood and a little bit of everything else in between. I live on the Sou

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Tom Ford.. what can I say?    …     I’ll start with with Wow. What an amazingly intense, beautifully shot movie. Theres something almost disturbing about enjoying the visual aspect of a movie so much when the subject is gritty and emotional. If you haven’t watched it yet &#8211

  • Flaming June

    On this art escape we look at Flaming June. It’s a picture that has a fabulous back-story and also just one of my personal favourite works of art. I have a huge reproduction of it that I bought as a very young girl when I first moved out of home. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason why I deci

  • Feud

      Im so excited to watch this show this weekend. The rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis crosses my love of classic hollywood with a good old fashioned bitch-fight! 1960’s Real Housewives drama. Bette Davis & Joan Crawford had a very public rivalry and ended up filming the i

  • Blue jean baby

      Playing with angles today and working out shooting with my new camera. // #canon   Shop the post:

  • Elizabeth Taylor // Style Inspiration

    She’s the ultimate sassy lady! Seriously love her. Cant imagine bringing the fierce channeling of Lizzie without a classic red lipstick in your back pocket. Shop my take on Elizabeths sassy style look:    

  • Natalie Wood x Prada

      It’s a match made in fashion heaven. Shop my take on Natalie’s classic style look: For the total look…

  • Rose Quartz

    So you might be aware that this year Pantone decided not to have a colour of the year instead they decided that a blending of two colours would add a softer take on a “colour of the year”. The chosen swatches are Rose Quartz (a rose hue) and Serenity (a cooler tranquil blue). They have c

  • Cy Twombly

    Ive been examining Cy Twombly’s work for a project I’m doing at my work. I hadn’t heard of him before and after spending a bit of time getting to know his work – I must say I’m a fan. I think Elusive Muse put it best when describing his style “Although at first

  • Madame Bovary

    This is on my watch list for this weekend. If you’ve never read Flaubert’s novel – put it immediately on your “To Read” list. Flaubert has a perfectionists prose and his writing is hauntingly beautiful. Madame Bovary is the ultimate anti-hero, a romantic who craves bea

  • Pool Party Luxe

    Zimmermann are always a favourite of mine for beautiful prints in swimwear. There’s a certain luxe in a pretty print against a ocean backdrop. After perusing the Zimmermann website for the latest styles – I stumbled across this beautiful one-piece swimsuit. It immediately conjured up ima

  • Font: Moon

    I stumbled across this free font on Behance the other day and have used it in one of my latest projects for Signage / Wayfaring. Simple, clear and easy to read. Download from Behance

  • Kids: Bargain shop

    Shop the Look: Top: Target, Pants: Target, Shoes: Target As much as i’d love to always dress my girls in the best of the best – sometimes a little bargain shopping is all we can afford. I had a really quick wander through Target this morning and rather than sticking with the girls aisle,

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